Our learning

This week we’ve learned 4 new sounds and 4 ‘easy’ words! Check out the phonics page to see where we’re up to: https://rpsrcr2019.wordpress.com/sounds-and-tricky-words/


In the story we’ve been focusing on this week in Topic, ‘Whatever Next’, the character, Baby Bear had a picnic on the moon. On the carpet we talked about which foods were healthy and which were not so healthy. This opened up a big discussion on healthy eating and the children surprised us with their knowledge during and after the session. Here are some quotes we’ve heard from the children:

“You can have chocolate biscuits but not everyday because it’s got lots of sugar”.

“Sugar isn’t good for your teeth”.

“Broccoli has vitamins in it”.

“Only brown bread is healthy, not white bread”.


What creators we have in RCR! The children have been inspired to make books, laptops and armour today. I was even asked to take a lie detector test!img_1248img_1245img_1252

Enjoy the weekend!

A wonderful Wednesday

The sound of the day is: ar

In PE we continued practising ball skills, this week focusing on throwing and catching with the underarm technique. Check out the photos and the video:

In Maths the children used tally marks to solve addition problems. They did very well,  listening carefully to the problems and counting out their tally marks to find the answer. Some of us are getting very good at remembering to “close the gate” when they reach 5.

Image result for tally  gate

This afternoon we learned to use a new resource from our writing area. Now we know how to use treasury tags to make books!