Next week

We’ve had a really busy but fun end to the week, from learning how to use one of the Reception outdoor zones to experiencing play in the other 3 reception classrooms. It was great to see RCR socialising with children from the other classes!

This afternoon, the Year 6 house captains came to the Reception building to give house points to all the children who have been green all week. Today it was everyone in RCR!


Look out for their very special certificates in their book bags. What a great start to the year!


Next week we are going to be learning:

Phonics: the sounds that the letters ‘s’ ‘a’ ‘t’ and ‘p’ make and high frequency sight words: ‘the’ ‘I’ ‘go’ ‘to’

Maths: recognising and writing numerals 0-5

Topic: similarities and differences within ourselves and our families. Please don’t forget to email with a family photograph.

Have a great weekend, RCR!


Family photos needed

In preparation for next week could you please print off and send in a family photograph ready for our learning about families next week.

If you don’t have a printer, please email and title the email : ‘Your child’s first name RCR Family Photo’ e.g. Lucy RCR Family Photo 

Please do remember to send this picture in by Monday as the children always LOVE showing their picture to their friends and it makes them feel very special once the photograph go up in our role play area.


RCR had their first PE session this morning! It is really important that the children are getting the opportunities to increase their independence so if your child still hasn’t brought in their kit, please ensure it is in before next Wednesday. There were also some children missing some parts of their kit so a reminder that they need a white Rosendale t-shirt, shorts or jogging bottoms and plimsolls/trainers (unless they already have appropriate sports shoes on the day). Please also make sure that all clothing has the children’s names in them.


Rally robin in RCR

This week, we are introducing the children to two different Kagan learning structures and yesterday we started off with “Rally Robin”. By the end of the day the children knew that they needed to face their partner, greet their partner and take it in turns to speak. Well done, RCR!

Each day this week we are also going to be introducing the children to the different learning areas of the classroom and how to effectively access them. Between yesterday and today the children learned how to use self access the tools and resources in the sand area, the reading corner, the water area, the creative area and the writing area. They were encouraged to think carefully about what they want to set out to do and which resources they need to carry out their plans.

Green and red choices

Today we talked more about green and red choices. We know in all situations we make choices about our actions and reactions. We use a language of green and red to help guide the children to making good choices for themselves.

We know the green choice on the carpet is to cross our legs, keep our hands to ourselves and look at the person who is talking. This means we can concentrate, and so can our neighbour.

We know the green choice when we get busy is to choose it, use it and put it away when we are finished, to share, let other children take turns and to use kind words.

Here are some photos of us making green choices looking after each other and the environment.

We also had our first Mandarin lesson!

And our first lunch of the year!


The children made a fantastic start to their first week in Reception. They had a lot to find out between learnng new names, making new friends, exploring the classroom, learning the High 5 and some of the green and red choices in school. They were brilliant and took it all in their stride – I hope you are as proud of them as we are! Even though it was half days, I’m sure lots of them were very tired by the afternoons, so I hope you made the most of the weekend and had lots of fun and relaxation before we start full days today!

Please remember, there is no need to bring any snacks or packed lunches for the children – we will provide that for them. They do all need a labelled water bottle, so don’t forget to bring one. We are helping to look after our planet by not providing disposable cups, so they really do need one so they can take their own steps towards independence and staying hydrated.

Our PE is every Wednesday (see our timetable but it really helps us if your child keeps their PE kit at school in case we need a change of clothes. Don’t forget it tomorrow if you haven’t already got it.

We are looking for parent volunteers to help us run activities on a Thursday afternoon 12.45-1.45. These will be Art and also outdoor learning (gardening, observations, forest school activiites). If you are interested and able to commit to doing this for a term or for the year, please let us know.

We need your help keeping our junk modelling area well stocked. Please bring any collections you have of recycling materials (and also a great way to use non-recyclable plastics!) such as cereal boxes, kitchen rolls, egg boxes, washed out yoghurt pots and bottles etc. For safety, we can’t take empty glass pots or anything with sharp edges such as opened tins etc.

We also will be running an Open Morning on Friday 27th September from 8.30 – 9.15. This is an opportunity to drop in and see your child’s classroom, find out about our routines and some information about the curriculum. There will be teas, coffees and cake in the hall following this so you can get to know some of the other parents too. If you are able to make it, we look forward to seeing you. Please don’t worry if you can’t attend, we will be able to share all the information you need on the blog too.